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Holistic Human Metaphysics (HHM) is regarded as the science of life. HHM World’s products, tools & techniques are based on HHM’s principles - unlocking over 5000 years of ancient wisdom & Vedic science, to help people achieve their life transformation by eliminating the negative energy forms around them - both inside & outside of their physical body. 


Seekers & individuals from different walks of life now live by the principles of HHM under the founder, Dr. T.P. Jayakrishnan’s guidance, including world-leaders, scientists, global celebrities, businessmen, politicians, entrepreneurs, etc


Meet the man and his team spearheading the 35 years of pioneering research, development and applications of Holistic Human Metaphysics. Know what drives us every single day, and of our mission and vision. Get to know the several seeds sown by HHM Foundation as a humble step towards a better tomorrow. 


Get to know the product that has revolutionized Habitat wellness for hundreds of families across the world by encapsulating 5000 years of ancient wisdom with modern science. Understand the 20 years of dedicated research that could become part of your daily routine in shielding your living spaces against all negativity. Learn more on how you could take the next steps for unlocking abundance and prosperity for yourself and your family in the most scientific way out there.

" PURE is a scientifically-proven product that reflects over 20 years of dedicated research into the occult science domains of Agnihotra - cosmic energy and smoke therapy - to make it accessible for the modern lifestyle regardless of any religious barriers."


“HHM PURE, I call it the ‘harmony maker’, was a blessing in many ways since I started using it. I have no hesitation to say the amount of peace my family and I experience after using this daily since 5 years ago. Basically, I am a writer and since I started using PURE, I have rarely faced the condition called ‘Writer’s block’, and also sincerely saying, the multifold difference in quality and quantity of my work, before and after using PURE. My heartfelt thanks and sincere wishes to HHM PURE.”

SN Swami 

Scriptwriter - Cinema, India

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