Inventor, Holistic Human Metaphysics (HHM)
Founder & Chairman, HHM World

Dr. T.P. Jayakrishnan is an eminent scholar in the field of Metaphysics and Human Wellness Life Sciences - pioneering the research, development, and universality in Vedic Metaphysics for over 35 years now. 


Dr. Jayakrishnan believes that our life lies solely in our own hands. All his life, he has been on a quest for factors that contribute to a joyous state of living. He discovered that nature, where energy abounds, is not optimally utilized for our benefits and that we instead live in conflict with those very same elements which we need to be co-existing with. Dr. Jayakrishnan eventually learned the art of coexisting with our planetary and cosmic energies and successfully put to practice the same in his own life. These tools, techniques, and learnings have now become the fundamentals of HHM World.


According to him, the universe runs on a highly precise mathematical balance and if super-intelligence has brought one to this planet Earth, it certainly means that there is a grand purpose behind it. “I am interested in bringing transformation to an individual’s potential”, he says.


His books ‘Holistic Human Metaphysics’ (2017), ‘Dr. T.P. Jayakrishnan’s Teachings on Holistic Human Metaphysics’ (2018) and the upcoming, ‘VIBGYOR - Path to Success and Happiness’ have all been widely recognized, with world leaders, businessmen, celebrities, and politicians now adopting his tools and techniques, under his guidance. 


To him, if a person exerts relentless intelligent efforts on any task, the word ‘fate’ has no room in his life.



Co-Founder & Director

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Co-Founder & Director



Co-Founders & Directors



Co-Founder & Director



To endeavor, create awareness and accessibility towards the scope of applying scientific thoughts, techniques, and tools that reveals the underlying link between the rich ancient Vedic knowledge and concepts of modern science - advanced by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - for the sustainable prosperity of mankind in all areas of life. 


By sharing all of our efforts and knowledge, even if it be that, only one individual achieves the infinite potential, prosperity, and abundance that is readily available for mankind to access, let it be so unconditionally; and let it create a positive ripple effect within the universal cosmic energy, for others.

HHM foundation

In extension to his 35 years of pioneering research, development, and universality, Dr. T.P. Jayakrishnan also founded the Aushmath Research Trust (ART) and Aushmath Biosciences (ABS), spearheading a team of quality researchers undertaking promising investigations in the realm of Natural as well as Vedic Sciences. 

In his endeavor to transfer the knowledge of Sacred Vedas to the modern scientific community for the betterment of existing health care systems, ABS was established to facilitate the scientific probe into the complex interactions between natural and social systems and develop novel strategies for sustainable utilization of natural resources to meet the needs of the present and future generations of mankind.


His commitment to empowering the communities at his native village extends over various programs and philanthropic initiatives that include empowering women, resourcing tribal groups, taking over educational measures for marginalized kids, and providing pensions for over 200 deserving households.


We are proud of our women-led women-based manufacturing chapter of HHM PURE. It is only because of their dedication and passion, that multiple individuals from different walks of life trust HHM PURE for elevating their lives, every single day.