Inspired from 5000 years of ancient wisdom, tradition & science, HHM PURE is a form of smoke therapy intended to be part of one’s habitat wellness.
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PURE comprises of;


A celestial sacred powder mix of 43 different herbs - all handpicked over specific geographies, seasons, and time.


An inverted pyramid of highly scientific and geometric precision, made of copper and brass.

PURE is a scientifically-proven product that reflects over 20 years of dedicated research into the occult science domains of Agnihotra - cosmic energy and smoke therapy - to make it accessible for the modern lifestyle regardless of any religious barriers.


A PURE practice is performed by burning the PANACEA ULTIMATE within the PURE PYRAMID. The combustion of the 43 herbs liberates the energy stored in it at its fullest when performed in a copper inverted pyramid to generate a medicinal healing smoke for space where it is being lit. With daily use, a protective shield is eventually formed around the space of up to 3000 sqft, in as little as 1 week. 



The ideal space for reaping the benefits of PURE is at your living habitat itself - Home. Although, one might even extend it to their workspaces as well. In regards to the timing and frequency, it is best performed at a convenient choice of time, after sunrise and before sunset, daily. The fundamental scientific reason behind this is to ensure efficient tapping of curative pharmacological compounds that are formed when all these volatile substances are subjected to photochemical reactions in the presence of sunlight.

Did you know?

The curious case of a family that practiced Agnihotra frequently, of being saved from the deadly Bhopal Gas Tragedy that killed hundreds in India, is truly noteworthy - since HHM PURE is a more versatile version of the Agnihotra as well, and is scientifically tested and proven for its multiple benefits across different areas of life.


Ultimate Habitat Wellness - Practicing PURE at home/work spaces welcomes positive cosmic energy, prosperity, and abundance, not only for the practitioner but also for other living forms within that space including family members, colleagues, pets, and plants. Children love the subtle fire energy and are more receptive to its benefits.

Purifies drinking water and air of pathogens to prevent infectious diseases.
Energizes the seven energy centers of the human body.
Enhances concentration, learning capacity, memory, focus, clarity of thought, energy, and awareness. Leaves you calm, fresh, and revived - physically, mentally & spiritually.

Helps break addictions including chronic alcoholism and smoking.

Unlike other smokes: Induces Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant effects. Benefits the immunity system.
Eliminates free radicals to prevent degenerative disorders. 

Rejuvenates skin and facilitates reverse aging.

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Cosmic energy strikes the earth from all directions. As per Vedic science, the shape of an inverted pyramidal structure with said specific dimensions (Kalyani) is capable of amassing universal cosmic energy from space and channelizing it to the seven energy centers of a human body.


Recent studies conducted by scientists at Southampton University, UK, have confirmed India’s long-held beliefs of copper’s anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Their studies show that copper can induce sudden inactivation of the highly infectious Noroviruses, pointing us towards its potential in mitigating the existence of infectious viruses. 


As such, the plant-based ingredients of PANACEA ULTIMATE are made up of the seven cosmic light rays. When burnt, the heat releases the vibrations possessed by all the different light rays to emit pure light rays into the atmosphere. It is only when we combine the PURE PYRAMID made of copper, that it emits the energy patterns that kill the infectious pathogens - yielding superior properties of the smoke. The tremendous amount of energy that gathers around the copper pyramid creates a magnetic field that in turn creates a healing bio-resonance purifying the atmosphere of pollutants, neutralizing harmful radiation, and nourishing all living forms. 


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Navadhanya (Grains)


Sambar Dal

Green Gram 

ChickPea/Bengal gram 

Horse Gram

Black Sesame



Black Gram

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Terminalia bellirica (Beleric)

Ficus racemosa (Cluster Fig)

Butea monosperma (Sacred Tree)

Ficus religiosa (Sacred Fig)

Cyperus rotundus (Nut Grass)

Terminalia chebula (Chebulic Myrobalan)

Ficus benghalensis (Banyan)

Cinnamomum camphora (Camphor)

Cocus nucifera (Coconut)

Cow Dung


The story is that HHM inventor, Dr. T.P Jayakrishnan handed over the secret of HHM PURE to his  wife Usha Jayakrishnan, daughter Jisha Jayakrishnan and daughter-in-law Durga Jithin. They in turn, got together a group of women in the remote village of Chalavara, Kerala, to put in all their passion and heartfelt expertise in producing PURE. HHM engages only women for guarding PURE. The ritualistic mix by itself cannot be produced using a machine, as the mindful precision envisaged by HHM for PURE cannot be fulfilled by a machine. Even today, the work continues as a form of meditation for this dedicated womenfolk of Chalavara, and as a form of women empowerment in his native village, for Dr. Jayakrishnan.”