“Success in life underlies in adjusting the receptive infrastructure of our physical body and in obeying the unique universal rules” 

Dr. T.P Jayakrishnan


Holistic Human Metaphysics (HHM) is regarded as the science of life. The principles of HHM focuses on channelizing and aligning the planetary energies to activate the energy centers of a human body - eventually ensuring an enhanced quality of life. 


The essential core of this life science is to balance the human mind, body & soul to be in resonance with their habitat environment. This includes our food habits, the color of clothes we wear, the air we breathe, the aura around our living and work spaces, etc. 

Dr. T.P. Jayakrishnan, the founder of HHM, following his 35+ years of research, is exclusively regarded around the world for his holistic approach to unlocking one’s true potential. Seekers & individuals from different walks of life now live by the principles of HHM under his guidance, including world-leaders, scientists, global celebrities, sports personalities, politicians, entrepreneurs, scholars and occasionally, even students. 

The 7 Energy Centers of our Body, 

The Power of our Breath & 

PRANA - The Life giving Force.

According to HHM, the human body is a resonating crystal vibrating at different frequencies. It has been proven that the human body is composed of seven principal light rays (VIBGYOR) condensed to a localized boundary of non-entropic physical space. Each of these light rays have certain characteristics helpful for leading a quality life.  These seven principal colors of light rays  have a unique entry point in the human body. These entry points are called the energy centers.


When cosmic light rays from the sun and reflected rays from other planets in the solar system hit the atmosphere of earth, electrically-charged particles are produced as a result of their condensation.


Each human breath contains 700 million of these electrically-charged particles, that includes PRANA - the cosmic electrical energy without which, life has no existence. Our whole ability to do anything is thus, solely determined by these particles.


Based on this hypothesis, Dr. Jayakrishnan created a series of processes, by reading, decoding and evaluating some of the most esoteric Vedic textbooks - resulting in HHM. 


HHM World’s products, tools & techniques are thus based on HHM’s principles - unlocking over 5000 years of ancient wisdom & science, both Vedic & Ayurvedic - to help people achieve their life transformation by eliminating the negative energy forms around them - both inside & outside of their physical body.


The applications of HHM are based on the three hypotheses which are formulated by combining the various founding principles of Energy medicine, Theory of dissipative adaptation, Theory of everything, Geo-magnetic field, Color medicine, Vibrational medicine and Subtle energy systems in human body.

The First Hypothesis of HHM

States that the physical system of the human body is a manifestation of the effect of appropriate reductions in the spectral frequencies of the seven principal colors on the human body.

The Second Hypothesis of HHM

States that the first breath of a human being at the time of birth determines the magnitude of the entropic force acting on the pattern of health at various stages of life.

The Third Hypothesis of HHM

States that the predetermined magnitude of the entropic force acting on the pattern of health at various stages of life is alterable by maintaining equilibrium of the seven principal colors of light rays.